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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  June 25, 2011 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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quintessential cop columbo is dead, peter falk dead at the age of 83. welcome to a busy "msnbc saturday." breaking news to share in the casey anthony murder trial. we were expecting a full session of court today, starting at 9:00 eastern to 3:00 p.m. however the judge recessed now until monday morning. let's ge live to orlando and nbc's reporter to get the latest on the problem that precipitated this ending court so abruptly. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, alex. we just saw, you said, this abrupt halt in the court's proceedings today. it seems that it had to do, this halt, with that witness that was being questioned, whether or not his opinion was submitted to the prosecution this morning. prosecutor jeff ashton accused jose baez of presenting, trying to bring up a witness whose opinion was not released to them. now, when the court went into session we heard the judge saying it was the legal issue that was unrelated to this. now, it must have been a very
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big deal, because we do know there were other witnesses from the defense's side waiting in the hallway. i know that at least some of them were crime scene investigators, other computer analysts and one witness, jim hoover, who assisted the anthony family private investigator while caylee was still missing searching for her body. there were a few witnesses we were expecting to hear from today that did not make it. now, this will delay the entire trial, as we know. they were expecting to send the case over to the jury by saturday. obviously now it will stretch past the holiday weekend. >> yeah. okay. now, i understand from talking from legal experts we had on and diane dimond in "newsweek" and "daily beast" talking about the fact, shenanigans, for lack of a better word now, this happened before, multiple times. right? the defense brings in a witness
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and then wants to go in a different direction or hasn't aloud the prosecution to cross-examine prior and get the information. is that true? have you seen that, too? >> reporter: i've seen it several times. in the past he's said we'll let the florida bar deal with it with attorney baez. we're not sure if it's a violation. if there were other concerns related to this expert, supposed to testimony or the chloroform. it's said not only according to the prosecution not only a possible murder weapon but also the link to -- there were searches on the household computer, used to prove premeditation. the chloroform is pretty significant. we don't know yet, yet to confirm, whether or not the halt today has to do with this witness who was supposed to
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rebut the entire chloroform issue. it is a significant issue. >> what about the jury? they were supposed to be in the courtroom for the six-hour trial? they just continue to be sequestered back at their hotel? that's it today? >> reporter: certainly. watching limited television and having little access to the media. from the beginning asking for newspapers. they're only getting partial news. they can't be exposed to anything related to the trial. they get a day off, but it also means it's another day they're away from their families. >> yeah. okay. >> reporter: this made the judge very upset, by the way. >> you could tell. what we able to watch from his facial expression, speaking rather emphatically. thank you very much. covering all the breaking news from orlando. appreciate that. what does this abrupt end mean for the casey anthony jury? we'll find out later with legal perspective. time to go. the message to the residents
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bracing for widespread damage. thousands of homes newly under water in the past 24 hours as the river spills over its banks. more than 3,000 homes left under water. the flooding will be far worse than expected say officials. in minot, dakota with the latest. janel, perspective on this? >> reporter: much worse than ever dreamed, alex. they've not been prepared for this amount of water. we're seeing six times the amount of water those levees were designed to hold back. the result is something you can see behind me. that's this type of situation throughout the city of minot. this street was largely open as soon as yesterday, even a day before. people walking down the street. you can see how full the downtown area is. a lot of people seeing this in their neighborhoods as well. that bridge you see behind me, closed, of course, and there is
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only one bridge open in minot. the main broadway bridge. sort of the only thorough faifa that can be used. the water is so high. a quarter of the city evacuated. the question now is where are all those people going to go? some with friends and family. some in shelters. the oil boom here in north dakota caused a housing crunch already. the question is, where are all those people going to stay while this flood continues? water still on the rise. the crest has not yet happened, but already the souris river busted a 130-year-old record yesterday and again still rising. so we are just waiting to see how this all turns out and people in minot watching this river closely and praying that there won't be anymore rain, alex. that would be disastrous here. >> they don't need that at all. janel, just watching your live shot from the last hour, seems like the water level has risen there behind you and a pretty
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steady pace there. the throw is pretty strong. can you tell me about how deep the water is behind you? >> reporter: it's funny you say that, because we were getting ready to go on-air we were all saying here on the crew, you can actually see it go up. we stand here and watch it and see the water rising. i would say the water behind me, probably five to six feet deep in this area and again, going up quickly. remarkable to see this in person, to see how quickly this water is going up is unbelievable and to think that it's still rising. it's just -- heartbreaking to see what's happening here. >> sure is. thanks for bringing us incredible pictures, janel klein from minot. no answer yet what caused a truck to ck collide with an amt train. causing an explosion that threw
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flames through two compartments. >> suddenly a great shuddering and then a second later a fireball going through the window. we could actually feel heat through the window. some people jumping out of windows and it spread right through to the second carriage. >> both the conductor and driver of the truck were killed in the collision. nevada police say the crossing gates appeared to be operating correctly. investigators will test to see whether alcohol or drugs played a factor in the accident. now to history making here in new york as it becomes the sixth and largest state to legalize gay marriage. the governor signed the bill into law late last night sparking a massive outpouring of emotion on the streets. >> i'm going to enjoy my civil liberty as a woman to get married to a woman because i can. and because i'm in love and i should be able to do that. >> we're getting married september 24th. >> in new york city. >> in new york city. it's going to be legal. >> we celebrate with ale of our
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friends we're going 20 get married. >> we'll do it right. thankful and appreciative. i'm grateful. >> more on what happens next. good morning, katie. >> reporter: good morning, alex. it's been a long week here in albany. so long, in fact, some lawmakers were even beginning to run out of clean clothes, but just before the stroke of midnight, new york officially became the sixth state to allow same-sex marriage. >> 36 nays 26. >> the bill is passed. [ applause ] >> reporter: it was a nail-biter up until the end. just after 10:00 p.m. friday night four days after session was officially supposed to conclude for the summer, the state senate went out making history. >> very proud of new york and the statement that new york has made to the nation today. >> reporter: the governor immediately appeared in the chamber smiling broadly and it took him just over an hour to sign the bill with his pen.
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>> -- people across this nation we reached a new level of social justice this evening. marriage quality. i said to the legislators, you look at first word marriage, it's really about the second word, equality. >> this is a time now new york has gone for discrimination and darkness and crossed over the line to enlightenment and qualiquel equality. it's a great day. >> we've been saying to emily, saying this and now new york has done the same. >> reporter: some against the bill now down to pray. ultimately, the tiebreaking decisions unknown until the actual vote itself came from two republican senators. one from poughkeepsie and one from buffalo joining 29 democrats and two other previously declared republicans in saying yes to marriage
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equality in new york. >> i have to declare doing the right thing as treating all persons with equal tinchts i could not legally come up with a -- who am i to say someone does not have the same rights that i have with my wife with someone they love. >> reporter: the big holdup during the week, religion. specifically protections for religious institutions from discrimination lawsuits if they refuse to marry same-sex couples. once that language was agreed upon, the legislation was able to move really quickly. alex? >> okay. nbc's katy tur. thanks. celebrities tweeting their takes. lady gaga encouraged fans to call new york senators. the revolution is ours to fight for love, justice, equality,
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at quarter past, breaking news this hour. an unexpected and surprising turn today in the casey anthony murder trial. gist about 45 minutes or so ago the judge recessed the trial until monday morning without any testimony, and offered little explanation this morning actually. bring in our legal panel to weigh in. what's going on in orlando. jay fah kwlchlt and karen desoto, former prosecutor as well. all right. the two of you, what happened here, karen? we had some back and forth and people not in chamber and going to cham fwoer talk and back -- >> this is probably what happened. jay and i can attest. this happened to us in trials. what happens is, your expert report, experts get to do these reports. in these reports they get to use information that the jury never hears. information that we don't want anyone to larry. we take experts seriously because they have access to specific information. now, when you go to court, and you haven't been given that report or haven't had a chance to question that expert, then
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what happens is the judge will say, well, i'll give you time right now. they will stop proceedings and go in a back room and i will do a deposition. during the trial. because i need to know what this expert is going to say because the information is so sensitive. he has access to stuff that nobody has access to. so i don't want him on the stand saying stuff that she was on zoloft or accusations he used to formulate his report. that's probably happened here. >> so the jich is not working. casey anthony has gone back to her jail cell. the jury's gone back to the hotel? >> well, in order to have an expert take the stand, the -- in this particular -- the court rules require you turn over an expert report if you put him on the stand. this judge went an additional step and actually issued a court order saying any expert you use you have to turn over their report before you can put them on the stand. we've had problems with this before with this defense attorney. the sense i got, we spoke to
10:17 am
diane dimond on earlier, spoke to her a few minutes. she seemed to say there was an expert be to testify who had not given any kind of a written report. i suspect the judge got very angry and basically cancelled testimony for the day. >> okay. but what is the logic behind -- a defense attorney doing that? because, you know, you've got a judge getting angry. you've got a jury who's going to be annoyed they're wasting another day away from their family, friends, jobs. >> this is what i can tell pup obviously prosecutor have very big teams, paralegals, public defenders' office, or if you're a defense attorney you don't have a support network. things have a tendency to be sloppy. you don't turn over your reports, maybe you forget to mail them because you don't have two secretaries, two paralegals like when you work for the government. there's a tendency to be sloppy. did he intentionally do it? i doubt it. nobody does not want to turn over an expert report. they're entitled to it. he knows that.
10:18 am
actually you're slowing the proceedings and doing damage to your client. did he do it on purpose? probably not. he frustrated the judge. the judge angry now the judge is losing control of his courtroom. >> not good. >> no. >> if the judge gets angry, he's less likely to let things pass down the road. right? >> this jury is sequestered. at end of the day, with nothing to do. sequestered a long time. can't be with their families. it's not fair to the judge and not fair to the jury. >> and eating peanut butter jelly and turkey sandwiches and potato chips. not a fun existence. they're not getting catered food. >> right. what about for casey anthony? she just goes back to her jail cell. how is this playing out for her. given the mindset we believe her to have, and seen in the past, does this roll off her like water off the back of a duck? i. think it does because she's been in jail a long time. the delay of a trial, the longer a trial goes is usually good for the prosecution.
10:19 am
>> really? >> almost always, time helps the defense, it does not help the prosecution. >> this could be calculated by jose baez. >> it might be, but risking so much as to the ire of the judge. the judge is getting angry. one of the things almost inexcusable, he should have had, if this witness got sick today, forget about the fact an expert report, show have been prepared to have another witness. this indicates to me that this may be the last witness that is going to be called. >> oh. >> that's a guess. >> because, we were supposed to have six hours, of course. no indication it was going to stop ahead of its typical 3:00 p.m. do you concur probably a last witness? given what we know about all the testimony, do you see this as being the defense rests? >> no. >> that's a different issue. >> because then, you know, he might have straggler witnesses. a lot of times if you're doing a saturday trial then it's going to be a shorter time period. you'll only allot for one or two.
10:20 am
may be sloppy enough, only one person docketed and didn't think this would happen. >> i suspect chambers do you have another witness? are you putting your client on the stand? if so i want to know that also. the defense attorney doesn't have to answer that question. they can say we haven't made that decision. we're about to make that decision. my sense, this may be close to the last witness other than casey anthony. >> and you could force him to answer, too. >> if casey anthony gets on the stand will the prosecution know ahead of time? mist they be told? >> no. except for immediately beforehand. the answer is no. >> you can wait until that moment to call them. you can say, i'm calling -- she's on your witness list. you can wait until the last second and say i'm calling casey anthony. >> your bet? does casey take it's stand or not? >> i don't think so. >> no. >> he's doing a very good job. understand she's being charged with the difference between a first-degree murder, capital murder and aggravated manslaughter of a child, which is also in many states and in
10:21 am
florida first-degree crime. she's going away and he may be thinking he's pulling apart so well he doesn't have to put her on the stand. >> okay, you guys. jay and karen. you guys are rock stars today. the gop field for 2012. a new poll shows whether republican voters are happy with that field, and a bit later, how much sunscreen should you von before you head outdoors even? we separate fact from fiction after new rules are released here on "msnbc saturday." ♪ [ male announcer ] achievement: has big plans. ♪ achievement: plays well with others. ♪ achievement: loves getting its hands dirty. ♪ achievement: is ready for the world. that's why pnc created grow up great®, our 10-year, 100-million-dollar program committed to early education and helping achievement start young.
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new signs that republicans are still holding out hope for another candidate to challenge president obama. this week's bloomberg poll, definitely consider voting for a candidate other than the president, just 28% are happy with the current republican field. nearly 60% wish someone else would step up to the plate.
10:25 am
joining me noi, mark murray, nbc news deputy political director. another good morning to tu, mark. >> good morning, alex. >> at this point in the election cycle, is it typical for where we are or trouble for the republican party? >> spelling trouble, i want to say, but there's a story here. our own nbc/"wall street journal" poll from last week showed a similar dissatisfaction with the republican field. in the 2008 cycle when john mccain baikal republican nominee, in the 1996 with bob dole, a lot more satisfaction among republicans. this is a story 20 watto watch. not a deal breaker but a certain level of unease right now. >> okay. the coming week, the last to be included in the second quarter totals. we know mitt romney pulled in $10 million one day and had more than 30 fund-raising events for the month of june. what do you expect from him and is there another gop-er that can
10:26 am
catch up? >> interesting to see what he raises versus president obama will have another big figure. i'm interested in other republicans. tim pawlenty. does he get close to the $10 million romney raised in one day for the entire cycle? interested to see how michele bachmann and huntsman do. only in the race officially a few weeks now. interesting to see if they are able to raise millions and millions of dollars even getting close to tim pawlenty, in the race for a much longer period of time. >> yeah. what about this poll that's released in iowa bp what's this all about and what news do you expect it to bring and what kind of impact? >> this is the gold standard. the des moines register poll that comes out this evening. at 10:00. eastern time. of course, we have almost eight months to go before those iowa caucuses but it's a good gauge on who's up and who's down. mitt romney hasn't been making a big bid for iowa but is the front-runner. i want to see where he is in the poll. michele bachmann a native of
10:27 am
iowa. want to see where she is and tim pawlenty, his entire nomination hopes rest on iowa now. interesting to see who's ahead, who's down. of course, this won't be the last poll. we have a long way to go but it's the first bite at the ap toll see who's up and who's down. >> i know where you're spending your saturday night. going over the numbers. god love you. thanks so much. for the latest political news and analysis from the nbc political unit head to you can find love at any age. finding a successor to paul the octopus a few of the stories you may have missed. here we go. say hello to gem germany's new psychic octopus. paul became famous. however he die and his successor is predicting germany will defeat canada in the women's world match cup tomorrow. we'll see.
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and a soul mate. gilbert henrik and his 86-year-old bride met at her nursing home. the two are living proof love has no age. that's a great story. and in nebraska, a contest. riding a sheep without failing off. most did not stay on past eight seconds. a lot of spills, there were a lot of smiles, too. looks like fun, i guess. pa
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at 31 past the hour, a small new york community is reeling as victims from an execution style killing spree at a long island pharmacy are being laid to rested. army veteran david lapper plooeding not guilty in the deaths of four people including a 17-year-old girl buried yesterday just one day after she
10:32 am
was supposed to graduate from high school. nbc's peter alexander is live from medford, new york with more. good morning. what's the latest from there? >> reporter: alex, good day. we've been out here much of this morning. to give awe sense of the impacted on this community, this pharmacy where that murder, those murders took place, is now really become a memorial with many people stopping by again to leave notes and flowers today. among the four people that were killed here, a mother of two engaged to be married, jamie taseta. friends and family planning to come together this fall for her wedding instead, unfortunately today sadly, they're coming together to for her funeral, buried in her wedding dress. late friday night a heartbreaking gathering to remember the victims of the worst mass killing in new york's suffolk count any nearly 40 years. among the four victims, jamie, pharmacist, and his assistant 17-year-old jennifer who should have graduated from high school this week.
10:33 am
>> she was like the sweetest girl you could ever meet. so pretty. cared about everyone. >> reporter: all shot execution tile in a brute's rampage last sunday at this long island pharmacy. the suspect, army veteran david, first caught on surveillance tape, days later by police. the motive, authorities say, drugs. specifically painkillers. according to police after the massacre, he stole pills but no money, and calmly left. he and his wife belinda brady were high on drugs police say when they were arrested at their home on wednesday. both pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder charges and she drove the getaway car and days later grabbed an officer's leg trying to help her husband escape. shortly after her arrest, brady looking disheveled and disor yentsded blamed her husband for everything. >> he did it. he did all this. >> reporter: and now all of this
10:34 am
community is mourning its crushing loss. >> this arrest won't bring back raymond, jennifer, brian and jamie, but we are hoping this will provide some sense of closure to the victims' families. >> reporter: again, as we've noted, jamie's frun ral is scheduled for later today and assistant district attorney said on monday a grand jury will be convened to consider more serious charges against david laugher, the alleged shooter in this case and his wife, melinda brady i. cannot imagine more anguish and anger at what happened. a long time before they settle down from that for sure. peter, many thanks. a federal judge ordered accused mobster james w"whitey" bulger held without bond. prosecutors objected citing
10:35 am
$800,000 found in his apartment. bulger and his girlfriend arrested at a santa monica apartment earlier ins week charged with 19 mob related murders. and members of congress criticizing president obama on libya this week. suggesting cutting off if you finding for military operations in libya, expressing anger because he did not consult them. joining us from washington, congressman languageman, why did you vote no to cut off the money? >> first of all, this is all part of a u.n. effort, nato coalition, to prevent moammar gadhafi, libya's leader, from actually attacking civilians, and i think the president acted very responsibly as a part of that coalition using our forces in a responsible way, but i don't want to see boots on the
10:36 am
ground in libya and, again, this is part of a nato-led effort. >> okay. it seems, though, representative, i want to be correct in the pronunciation of your name, the net result is a protest vote. >> thanks. >> but no definitive action? is that how you read this? >> well, that's -- in some ways you can describe it as no definitive action. our involvement with the nato coalition will continue, and hopefully moammar gadhafi will be out of power very soon. but, again i don't want to see america going alone on the libya situation and i do not want boots on the ground. as a member of the house arms services committee and i want oversight over our involvement in libya. >> you talk about until colonel moammar gadhafi goes. until that would happen, would you categorize u.s. policy there and actions as being a success or will it only be a success
10:37 am
hinging upon moammar gadhafi being taken out of power? >> well, i think it's twofold. first of all, the primary mission is to protect innocent civilians from moammar gadhafi's very superior military fighting force. remember, the armed rebels that have taken up positions against the moammar gadhafi's regime and his forces, average civilians, taking up arms to defend themselves and they've had enough of moammar gadhafi. they've had enough of his leadership and much of what we've seen is the desire for democracy. the protests are not anti-american or anti-israel or anti-western. it's about the people in the arab world rising up saying that we want freedom and democracy, self-determination, things that we cherish here in america. >> did you hope, sir, the outset of all of this, that gadhafi would be long gone by now?
10:38 am
>> well, of course, we all hope that moammar gadhafi would be long gone by now. that hasn't happened. and we'll wait to see. of course, we'll have to make sure we keep the pressure other than and obviously right now also our focus is on afghanistan. the president made a major decision this week to bring home 33,000 troops. >> do you support the president's plan? >> by next summer. the decision -- >> you know, i support president obama's decision. i do support the president's decision to bring home the 33,000 troops by the end of next summer. i would have liked to have seen more. as a member of the house armed services committee we're going to exercise oversight in this area. we're very proud of our troops in afghanistan. they have done a remarkable job going after al qaeda. for the most part dismantled. really doesn't have a presence there anymore. going an afghanistan, the plan, plot against america. the taliban, in many ways rooted
10:39 am
out but they are still a major problem, and in many ways that's why we need to continue to keep the pressure on and make sure the taliban cannot reconstitute and provide a safe haven, anybody that would plot against america. >> rhode island representative, thank you for your time on "msnbc saturday." >> thank you, alex. bristol palin's new memoir is making waves in the lower 48 and stirring up controversy. not afraid of life, in part describes her on again/off again relationship with levi johnston, the father of her child who she claims lied to her about everything from how many fish he reeled in with friends to how many girls he cheemted with. talking about a camping trip when she had sex for the first time. so drunk didn't remember anything and only knew by overhearing levi telling friends outside the tent.
10:40 am
it raises a serious issue about the often blurry line between drunken sex and sexual assault. joining me now, writer jessica, a senior writer for "newsweek." good to have you here. she make as very serious statement here, never uses the word rape. people in the media wondering if this is a date rape type of thing. what do you make of this? >> as you said, a verify murky line. she never calls it rape but does say her virginity was stolen. very harsh words. likely she had plenty of legal advisers on her harpercollins team, publisher, under alaska law what she describes actually does quantify as sexual assault. >> hmm. interesting because it's a story, bristol never told this story and many suggest this maybe a way to slander levi. >> many people have said, of
10:41 am
course, this is a way to sell books and it is getting attention. leerch levi defnied it already and has his own memoir coming out in the fall. >> we know bristol is a mom frent speaker for abstinence, makes money doing that, as a matter of fact. criticing allege he included this to give her perhaps a bit more legitimacy. what do you think? >> i'm not sure the argument holds up. she describes this situation in which letter virginity was stolen but proceeds to talk about how they had sex again and again. so if she's using this as an excuse or a justification for about sta nens for her agenda, i don't know if that holds up. >> what if she wants to try and educate teams relative to abstinence and drinking? when you talk about what happened to her, is there a difference between a drunken mistake and something deemed as being criminal? >> exactly. a murky line. certainly if breastal want aa a
10:42 am
wanted to take it up as a cause, she could. interesting to see what she does. >> how good a read is it? >> sarah palin stead was shocking and inspiring. >> more shocking than inspiring and you feel like the public is caught in the middle of this tit for tat like you said. >> and here we are talking about her first sexual experience with the man who became the father of her child and the like. what else is illuminating about bristol and her life? >> a lot about her high school experiences, bullied at school. a lot, a lot about her relationship with levi. and mentioning the mccains. >> and meghan? >> obsessed. she needed to watch her back. so meghan respond core jewedial.
10:43 am
she praises the family. >> seems bristol, at her young age, seems to have -- a lot of enemies out there. seems to be talking about her difficulties with people. how about "dancing with the stars"? did she go into that at all? >> yes. shunned by the rest of the cast. >> really? >> so, yeah. a lot of venom in there. >> well, then for those who like the venomous types of book, probably a good read. thank you so much. thank you. testimony abruptly cancelled for the day in the casey anthony trial. a live report explaining why that's happened at the top of the hour here on "msnbc saturday." well-being. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nurture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources.
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purina cat chow. share a better life.
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most weight gain is directly link to 12 specific foods. the top three, potato chip, s a soda, throw in french fries. following eat habits of more than 120,000 non-obese people
10:47 am
over 20 years. on average, gained 17 pounds during that stan. joined by dietitian samantha, author of "get smart." sounds like news you can use. that's for good. >> thank you for saying the whole title. >> it's a long one. >> with regard to a list-of-bad foods. the three dimensions, diet sodas and red meat. >> red meat, processed meat reeshgs fined grains. >> refined grains? butter. . okay. that one. >> first of all, the reality is none of us are going to cut them out of our diets completely. may cut out red meat completely but still want chips or potatoes, maybe a little soda. it's a matter of having them occasionally. not staples and replacing them with healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, yogurt.
10:48 am
people who ate these healthy foods maintained and lost weight over that 20-year period. >> interesting. it's also about the way you conduct your day. for those people that are couch potatoes, watching too much tv or the amount of sleep you get. either too much or too little? that can really play into this and make you gain weight. >> studies show people who sleep too much and not enough have an increased risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease. certain cancers. how much alcohol you drink affects your sleep. a whole big picture of approaching a healthy lifestyle and being healthy. they also found even calorie for calorie the difference between the fruits and vegetables and the potato chips and those things, the healthier foods even if you have the same number of calories your body doesn't tend to store them as much. healthy foods are fabulous. can you have potato chips once in a while? of course. not as a stape toll your diet. >> you talk about this study conducted over 20 years. 17 pamphlets gained on average.
10:49 am
how much does that have to do with gaining weight as you age? how difficult is that to avoid? >> lard not to gain weight as we get older. ma tap limps slow down. ma pablisms. we're snacking more, eating more. as we get older we need fewer calories. not fair but it's the way it is. we need to be physically, get out, walk, turn off the television. take your walk after dinner. add healthy foods into your life and your body will thank you for it all the time. >> all of these things are things we've heard before. all makes completely perfect sense from this harvard study. ultimately, just cut out of a few things from your diet, that's even just going to be a good start. >> there's a report that says americans drink about 50 gallons of soda a year. if we just cut out of our sugar sweetened beverages we would lose weight. >> good point mr. r there. samantha, thank you so much. >> thank you. new rooms you should know about before you hit the beach. how much sunscreen do you really
10:50 am
need? separating fact from fiction next here on "msnbc saturday." you sprayed them. thought they were dead. [ laughter ] [ grunting ] huh? [ male announcer ] should've used roundup. america's number one weed killer. it kills weeds to the root, so they don't come back. guaranteed. weeds won't play dead, they'll stay dead. roundup. no root. no weed. no problem.
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veteran performer jerry lewis is recovering after falling ill. supposed to star in a sold out show last night. witnesses say he was unable to move and looked very sick just before he was supposed to go on. lewis suffered several health problems over the years including heart attacks and an inflammatory lung disorder. and the drug administration released new rules for sunscreen. you have to pass effectstiveness tests and carry new labels. it can be difficult for consumers to choose the right sunscreen. dr. jessica joins me, a doctor with the skin cancer foundation. we'll play facts or fiction. ready? >> i'm ready. >> question one, can you rely on sunscreen alone for protection from the sun? >> that is fiction.
10:54 am
>> okay. >> not rely on sunscreen alone. the truth is that sunscreen provides an important part of the sun protection plan for anybody. we also need to remember to wear protective clothing, sunglasses to protect the backs of our eyes, and hats with a brim that does go all the way around. baseball caps don't cut it. >> the back of your neck. >> and remember to avoid direct, strong sun in the middle of the day. >> okay. so definitely not so, the answer to that one. choose a sunsween with spf at least 30. >> fact. when talking about extended outdoor exposure. >> okay. >> for a daily protection on a regular daily basis, going to work, it's not mandatory to choose a water-resistant sunscreen. >> how about the factor of 13? spf -- 50, rather, or 20. whatever i said, 30.
10:55 am
they vary. if you want to go to say a 15, is that okay? that's common number that you see? >> spf numbers are confusing. >> they are. >> they throw everybody off track. the first thing to know about spf is that it is only a number that reflects the protection from uvb rays. ultraviolet b. ultraviolet a rays don't have a number scale associated. so right now the fda has said a test in place to determine whether sunscreen will truly qualify as a broad spectrum protector. back to the spf issue. >> another question. >> okay. >> i think i'm getting, still asking, just because we made the graphic, here it is. above spf 30, not much more protection? >> yes. that's where i was going. my answer, both facts and fiction. >> okay.
10:56 am
>> spf 30 blocks 97% of uvb rays. spf 50 blocks 98.3% of uvb rays. they sound like almost the same number, but the truth is that 3% of the uvb rays get through the spf 30. only 1.7% of the uvb rays get through the 50. so it's almost twice the protection when you think about it that way. >> yeah, yeah. >> there is even spf 100 is not 100%. so this is a tricky scale people should pay close attention to. spf 30 is excellent for daily use. and go higher if you have a special reason to. >> last one. here we go. an spf of 15 is not strong enough to reduce the risk of skin cancer or aging. fact or fiction? >> that is fiction. the way it's worded. spf 15, that is labeled broad spectrum with new labeling rules
10:57 am
does qualify by the fda as protecting against aging and skin cancer. and they are now going to require that anything with an spf below 15 may not make that claim. >> okay. yes or no. is there anything sump ch as a healthy tan? >> no. the creams, whatever, that's the only way to get that healthy glow, sprays? >> in the same category as tobacco. no such thing as a healthy tan from the sun or from artificial tanning unless it's a spray or cream. >> doctor, amazing skin there. dermatologist. you're living what you preach. >> thank you so much. a harrowing ride. the video doesn't tell the entire story how a rafting trip turned into a night mayor and the casey anthony trial dime an abrupt ends. what happened as another drama
10:58 am
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